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I have had really bad luck with doing this in the past. Some people believe that there is an etiquette that requires one to say in public that one has trimmed one's friendslist, and some people seem to believe that etiquette requires the opposite. And in the past I've received angry e-mail as a result of doing either thing.

But listen: I have. Not because anybody has angered me. I have removed people who are my friends, and are still my friends, and I will stop in and read your journals still. And I have removed multiple project journals from some friends where there's overlap in what you post and left other journals from the same friends, not because one project from you is worthier than another. I don't want you to try to read tea leaves, people. The message here is nothing arcane. It's that I am exhausted. I have been trying to tread water all summer, and it is fall, and I am still doing it, and there was one day of September when markgritter was both home and healthy, and he is the healthy one who lives here. One. I would say something has to give, but that's a laugh. Multiple somethings have already had to give. What I read from interesting, valuable people I genuinely like is one of the things that has to give. I'm sorry if that hurts anybody. I really don't mean for it to. But there are lots of other things that have had to give that aren't supposed to hurt anybody, either, so.

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