Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Ask Carter Hall Anything, Part 4

On we go from the post where you can ask my fictional hockey player anything:

So, you do any fishing up there?

Yah, sure. You do any breathing where you're from?

What do you think of dogs?

I like dogs, especially big dogs. I don't have time for one now, but I expect I'll get a Mastiff or something when I'm done playing. Nice to have a dog you can take out in the woods with you when it's cold and not worry too much about snow in its paws. My luck I'll get some princess of a hound that wants to flop on the couch and watch Due South reruns. That's okay too.

Are you in love with Mrissa or just in like? Like that?

mrissa, are you serious? Dude, she's worse than Janet. The only question Janet ever asks me is, "Carter, what did you do?" And when she asks it, she wants the short version, and she usually cuts me off halfway through the short version and says, "Oh, never mind, we will just deal with it, but don't you ever say that to a hujing again, you hear me?" or something like that. And she never, ever tries to get me to say how I feel about anything. Which is totally, totally not like mrissa.

Also there have been two times now when I just wanted to tell a story to jonsinger and mrissa insisted that the only way I could do that was through her. Which is rude. (You can tell which chapters they are because they have lots of food in them.) So--in love? Not even.

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