Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

And other insects.

I smashed a wasp against the library window yesterday. That did not thrill me. Then this morning there was a dragonfly in my kitchen. A dragonfly. Not acceptable. I do not smash dragonflies. They are our friends. They eat mosquitoes and, unlike spiders, do not bite us. So I have now joined the ranks of people who trap insects inside glasses and plates and carry them outside. I've never done that before, but: dragonfly. I mean.

Michele Bachman's campaign called to ask us to donate. In my best Polite Angry Minnesotan voice, I told the person that we were not in her district but would be donating heavily to her opposition if we were. Honestly. Michele Bachman. Of whom the rest of the far right wing wears T-shirts with arrows reading, "I'm not with Stupid -->." And it's only September. For awhile I was thinking that having a fixed election cycle was better because we would have guaranteed non-election seasons, which other systems might not allow, but no, no, I no longer believe this, they are invading everything, just everything, and I want the ability to have votes of no confidence, because I would have them all the time. Except in our library board. Oh, library board. In you, at least, I have confidence.
Tags: social fail

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