Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

One Man's Meat

I get confused when I hear people talking about their dreams and their nightmares, because the things that qualify as nightmares for other people and the things that qualify as nightmares for me are not really similar.

I often have dreams where I've gone somewhere naked where it would usually be inappropriate, but it's never uncomfortable. Nobody ever seems upset by it, least of all me. Also I have dreams where I'm falling, but they're happy falling dreams, floaty cloud dreams.

If there's a bishop in my dreams, though, you can guarantee it's about to get deeply unpleasant.

Other nightmares -- well, there's the one where I can't protect some loved one from something hideous, that's pretty obvious, but if I'm riding in a car, it's very very bad, and I don't usually feel at all upset about riding in a car. And being in school again is always a horrible dream, not because I'm unprepared, but because I'm overprepared. Because I explain to them that I've done differential equations and calculus of complex variables and any number of things, and they still make me do third-grade math worksheets, and all of my arguments about why I shouldn't have to go through that get me nowhere. And that makes sense, because I made functionally similar arguments at the time and still had to do the damn worksheets. I had generally a pretty good college experience, with only some specific bad classes, but any dream where I'm back at college is a bad one. I just don't like dreams of going back.

So while I'm cleaning the house and looking for distractions, do you have dreams that don't connect up with how other people talk about them? Other people's nightmares that come out fine, or your nightmares that are hard to explain? Or do you always have neutral dreams, or do you remember your dreams at all?

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