Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Ask Carter Hall Anything, Part 1

For those of you who missed it, I had a post wherein you could ask Carter Hall anything. Now we start with the answers.

What's so special about women who wear gold in their hair? As compared, say, to scrunchie wearers?

Okay, I know some people like UND, and some people like Wisconsin. But for my money, Gopher women's hockey is the way to go. Three-time national champions, and can you argue with a program that gave us Natalie Darwitz? You cannot. Nobody on the ice wants to mess with Natalie, male or female, except maybe if their name is Hailey or Haley or Hailee or God knows what. (Memo to Canada: can you name your daughters something else if you are going to let them play the game? It is confusing us down here. Thank you.) Not that Krissy Wendell's any slouch, either, and my money's on Noora Raty and Gigi Marvin down the line. You get that line of gold helmets lined up, and I tell you what, I wouldn't want to play against 'em, and I've got a head of height and I don't want to guess how many pounds on 'em. (I don't want to guess because they will still thump you if you guess wrong.) And, I mean, it was Janet's school. And Janet is, not that she will ever hear me say this, awesome.

Did somebody else mean something else than the maroon and gold? I don't know. Those people are not my problem. That's the gold I know. The girls around here, they're not much for the tiaras. They kind of get crunched under your helmet anyway. But I betcha some of the girls in maroon and gold have scrunchies under them. I don't know about girls' hair stuff, but I bet you can do both. Maybe you should ask Janet about that one. She'd know the difference in, like, ponytail holders and stuff for game days.
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