Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Errand to holiday

There were kids from a local youth group helping bag groceries today (at my second grocery store of the day -- and still no herring to be found!), and the kid who was helping me with my mountain o' grocery somehow got around conversationally to the fact that I had moved back about a year ago. And he said, automatically, this teenage boy said to me, "Well, welcome home!"

I haven't heard this much since I got my MN driver's license, but God, it just about does me in every time. Perhaps it's just my roller-coaster hormones, but I wanted to burst into happy tears in the middle of Cub Foods.

Somewhere in the middle of my (extremely long) errand run, my brain started processing it as "look at the good stuff I get to share with my family" rather than "look at all this crap I have to get done." It's a good shift to make. I also found pretty wrapping paper (I am a total sucker for wrapping paper) and Christmas cards. So while I got home crampy and tired, it was generally a good thing.

I had a moment of extreme crankiness with Hallmark: stop with the passive voice! No more! "Wishes are sent to you this holiday season." They are? WHO FREAKIN' SENDS THEM? "You are wished a merry Christmas." Not by me, of course; I'm just letting you know that I heard a rumor somewhere.


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