Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

You have to be particularly firm with the imaginary ones.

Dear Carter,

If you are going to try to insist on a new short story every time I need to write a new chapter from your perspective in the revisions of this book, it is going to take a really really really damn long time.

And yes, we will end up with a lot of short stories, and yes, some of them will be very fine short stories, I feel sure, and yes, I did want to write this one for careswen with Deirdre of the Sorrows in it, well done, did not intend the bit with the goose shit or the Wonka bars--separated, I assure you, by several pages so there is no hint of anything Truly Nasty--but these things happen and I am used to it. However. If we keep this up we will both be four hundred and three before the book gets submitted anywhere. Which is not the goal. And if that turns out to be the case, I will make sure that "Carter Hall and the Quantum Mechanical Junior Hockey League" is not, in fact, the last Carter Hall story, but merely the last Carter Hall short story, because it will be followed by a series of magical mysteries starting with Carter Hall and the Sudden Death wherein you are paired up with a co-coach and co-detective who is a wee fireplug of a Quebecoise forward called Nathalie who actually has an Olympic medal which is more than you will ever say and also trained formally in magic with various Metis sorcerers (not shamans, that's a different bunch) and can make the hockey kids mind and do their math homework which she can help them with when they need it and runs your ass from here to Churchill and back do I make myself clear Mr. Hall?

All right then.

Love. But tough love.
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