Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 14-20

Five rejections, no acceptances, one request to see entire manuscript. (That's on my middle-grade children's book. My YAs and my submission-ready adult novel are already out on various people's desks, and very, very few picture book editors don't just want you to send the whole picture book text. I mean, why wouldn't they? Very few picture books are longer than 2000 words, and most are much shorter.) The request for the entire manuscript cheered me right up, because I think I write better books than synopses, and even if they don't like this one, I'm working on another middle-grade book right this very now, so if they say happyish non-purchasing things, I'll have a better idea where to send the next one. And if they say unhappyish non-purchasing things, at least I'll have that data. And if they say happy purchasing things, well, I think I could live with that, too.

I think I just want to be in a good mood. Which is, I think, an entirely reasonable thing to want. As long as I'm going to bang my head against this particular brick wall, I might as well chirp, "I think that mortar definitely crumbled a little more right there!" every once in awhile.

To join the meme sheep:
My journal is called Gazing Off Into Space because this is the somewhat more random annex to my "real" journal, Novel Gazing.

My subtitle is nonexistent because I haven't cared to provide one. Or maybe it's "Marissa Lingen's Journal" because I haven't cared to provide a different one. Dunno. My friends page is similarly titled or untitled or whatever.

My username is mrissa because that's my name, or most of it. The initial a -- oh, poor initial a. It always gets lost. Some people call me M'ris and some M'rissa; one is allowed Missa and another Risstopher Robin, and I can't stop a few from using Rissy and Rissa (and from those few, I'm fine with them). But you notice that none of those have the initial a. scottjames writes "Mariss," but he says it more like "M'ris," just like everybody else. Sometimes Michael seems to feel sorry for the initial a and lets it tag on with the terminal one: "Mrissaaaaaa." But only when he's being silly.

My default userpic is of me reading at the in-laws'. seagrit took it last Christmas, and the filename on my system is "whatireallylooklike.jpg." It is, really, what I look like a lot of the time. I have managed to get through my head that you don't all look like your icons. But I kind of like looking like mine.

In other news, we have switched from singing songs about goats to singing songs about llamas here. Wheee.

I'm trying to decide between silver-and-blue jewelry and copper-and-seed-pearl jewelry with a black dress. Opinions before 7ish may be considered, though one must point out that this is not a democracy.

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