Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of November 7-13 (belated)

Two rejections, no acceptances.

It's very hard to describe my state of mind as regards my fiction, because if I say, "I currently believe that I will never hear from another editor or agent, ever again, on any matter related to my fiction," that sounds awfully depressing, and I would expect at least one writer-buddy from the friendslist to leap in to try to cheer me up. But really I'm fairly cheerful about it. Part of this is that I know I'm being irrational, so I can just discount it and move on with my life. I don't know what the rest is. A different direction of irrationality, I guess. Better to be irrationally cheerful than irrationally angry. I'd kind of like to adjust the mindset, but I don't know how comfortable I'm going to feel doing that. We'll see.

On the drive down, we discovered that there is snow on Buck Bump. Where is my snow? It's November. This is Minnesota. I want my snow! Also, there is a time travel firm in Faribault. Also I saw a bobcat in the median near Owatonna. It was kind of lurking there. Mark wondered if it was letting the cars hunt deer for it.

My parents' new hot tub is nice. My parents were nice, too, and my grands, and various family members and family friends in the area. Wendy's in Albert Lea is not nice, being out of baked potatoes just when I needed one, but if we drive 12 hours and the worst of it is not getting a baked potato, well.

I expect to see buymeaclue tomorrow evening. Other scheduling for the week looks to be up in the air so far, except that Jim and Ginger are coming Friday night for dinner. And one of the major accomplishments of the weekend was settling with Mom and Grandma what they're making for Christmas cookies, breads, etc., so I know what not to make and can pare the list slightly. And can just start making things fresh for when people are over and freezing what they don't have for dessert. Frozen cookies work quite nicely, and it spreads out the baking.

And speaking of which, I'm getting hungry, so it may be time for an early lunch for me, in a few minutes. I'll see what's left in the house. I have a grocery run on the agenda for today. Along with everything else on the agenda for today. Cooperate, brain, cooperate!

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