Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Just stuff.

markgritter and I will be leaving for Omaha to visit my family tomorrow sometime in the middle of the day. timprov will still be here and will know how to reach us if something truly vital comes up. I will likely read my e-mail, but not frequently, and I don't know that I'll have time to answer much of it.

My baking experiment went pretty well this morning, though I think the next batch will be even better. (I have a key improvement in mind.) We will consult on this point this weekend.

Had lunch with dd_b and pameladean yesterday, while out on an errand run. Got to pet the prettiest kitty in the house, and also her brother. Such a soft and nice kitty. Too bad I then had to wash my hands thoroughly and flee. I'm dog people, but I'd make okay cat people, too, if my body would give me half a chance.

songwind and ladysea and Spud came up to have lunch with us today, so I got baby time. And grown-up time, too, of course. Mr. Spud does not approve of our stuffed octopus wearing his socks, so there you have that. News you can use.

I am so very tired. I'm going to do things I need to get done before we leave, and then I'm going to crash with The Burglar on the Prowl and watch the Daily Show and sleeeeeeeep. And hope that last-minute changes of plans are minimal.

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