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Mostly I am more vivid than this by a long shot.

I accidentally opted into a meme on tiger_spot's lj last week: she gave me the color gray on the ten things you like in this color meme.

1. greykev. I would have associated grey with my brother even before he had his lj name, just because it is such a Kevish color.
2. My great-uncle Lloyd. Lloyd is Welsh for grey. He died when I was 11, but he was always good to me, and I have a couple of tricks/puzzles that I inherited from him, the wallet that switches sides and so on.
3. Gandalf the Grey. Way better than Gandalf the White. Puttering around making fireworks for hobbits is more my sort of thing.
4. Gray Lensman. Clearly the best color of lensman.
5. The tights I wore Sunday. They were silvery grey with sort of lines in the weave. They are gone now, but they were good Sunday.
6. The new towels for timprov's basement bathroom. Mostly due to their New Towel Fluffiness rather than their color, but still.
7. Rainy skies. My folks used to wake me with, "It's such a lovely dismal day," from the Addams family.
8. Gray areas. I am all about messing with Mr. In Between, cheerful songs aside. That said, I think it's important to distinguish between very light and very dark shades of gray--the fact that the things you're comparing are not wholly good or wholly bad does not mean that one is not a lot better or worse. (Also doesn't mean that one is a lot better or worse. That's the fun of gray areas. Down with total orderings!) See also: music note to this post

...I think tiger_spot did better with aubergine than I'm doing with gray. Look, in my first novel, The Grey Place was an evil soul-sucking magic construct that tried to eat the world. This despite prior association with Kev, who is the best Kev. Perhaps I should count things that are silver and things that are pewter and be done with it? Because I fear that listing gray hair on favorite people would come off as snarky in a way I do not mean it to be. No, no. I can do this.

9. The plaid in my favorite skirt contains gray. (Also green and black.) I love that skirt. If I didn't it would have gone to Goodwill ages ago, because the buttons are brass and shaped such that they wear through thread rather quickly, and I'm forever sewing buttons back on, which is bad enough if it doesn't occur in the middle of a social activity, but often it does. In anything other than a favorite skirt, that would be cause for it to depart my home posthaste or at least not get worn so often. It even requires ironing. But no matter, I love that skirt. And speaking of beloved clothing, I have it now:
10. My old physics department T-shirt, the one with a Psi on each boob and a star in the middle, comes in gray. I fear it is not long for this world. I sleep and work out in it, and it's still going after 13 years of frequent wear, but I fear this is soon to change. It also says, "Probably the best Greeks on campus." Because it's a probability thing, see? Ha ha? Ha? When this shirt was new and I wore it out in public, strangers would come up to me and ask if my sorority did babysitting or various other fundraisers. A) People. * IS NOT A GREEK LETTER. This was bad enough from random strangers, but a member of the religion faculty really ought to have known that * IS NOT A GREEK LETTER. I am sorry about my yelliness on this subject. But I think it's deserved. B) Really? Really? You find babysitters by approaching people in restaurants hoping they might be members of a sorority you've never heard of because it doesn't exist? Junior is going to turn out incredibly well-adjusted, I tell you what.
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