Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


The nose has a down side.

There was a man in Cub Foods who smelled ill. He absolutely reeked of ketones. He was not going to keep going very long in his current state. He was right in front of me in line and right next to me bagging groceries. For those of you who remember the ill-smelling man on BART lo these many moons ago, it was the same smell. Badbadbadbadupsettingbad.

He was excessively thin. He was buying food that did not seem to indicate that this excessive thinness was due to deliberate attempts on his part.

You know all those stories where someone can see people's death and has to figure out whether to tell them and all that? Yeah. Doesn't take anything mystical. Just the nose. But you know people won't thank you. Someone that skeletal either already knows there's something wrong or is in pretty deep denial and in either case will not appreciate a reminder of their mortality from some stranger in the grocery store who claims to have smelled them. "You stink like death." Thanks, random stranger!

But I just wanted to shout, go, go! To a doctor! Run!

I'm going to have to make some pretty smelly things tonight to get the scent out of my nose. Spicy sausage lasagna. Bread. Stuff that smells like life going on, maybe.
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