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Minicon panel schedule

Here are the descriptions of the panels I'll be on this Minicon. Don't know yet about readings.

Do I Know Enough Science to Write Science Fiction?

What if you were never all that big on science in school, but you love the SF genre and want to break in? How do you educate yourself? Is it possible to learn how to write hard SF by reading lots of hard SF? How much science do you need for the soft stuff? Are there tricks for disguising your lack of knowledge in a way that doesn't make you look incompetent?

Eleanor Arnason, Ben Bova, Rob Callahan, Phyllis Eisenstein, Marissa Lingen, Eric Heideman (m)

Saturday 5:30 PM – Krushenko's

The Flight of the Female SF Author

From Asaro to Zettel, female authors that used to stock the science fiction shelves are now almost exclusively writing fantasy. What are the reasons behind the mass migration? Are there new women coming into the genre, or will our daughters find the SF section filled solely by men?

Kelly Strait, Joan Verba, Marissa Lingen, Betsy Lundsten

Sunday 11:30 AM – Veranda 3/4

(My main motivation for volunteering to be on this panel is to address the living heck out of the last question, both in specific examples and in premise.)

(I turned off comments because I have a lot to say on both of these panels, and I kind of want to keep the discussion on the panel until after it's over with, rather than showing up and saying, "Well, on my lj I said this and so-and-so said this and so-and-so said that okay I'm done someone else's turn.")
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