Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Staining trim some more

I have already stained some trim, and there is more trim-staining in my future. I feel that I will probably be done staining trim by the end of the week; at least, that is my fervent hope. There are certainly people who enjoy this task, but I am not in their number. But! We have started to get the trim in, so there's that.

The last of the floorboards went down on Friday in the late evening, to much rejoicing from all housemammals, except for Ista, who disapproves of noises and smells in the basement where she is not allowed to be. I think that the manual labor was good for my brain, helped reset and all that. I hope so. We've had enough stuff on the schedule otherwise, between the basement and prior commitments, that I haven't had a good chunk of time to sit down and work. But the brain is being promising.

My main piece of advice for those laying engineered hardwood floors is: have a bigger saw than we had. Have a very big saw. They call it hardwood for a reason: its lack of softness. And the means of engineering the tongue and groove involves layered hardwood, which is otherwise known as very hard plywood. With a finish on one surface. Saws do not like that, not one little bit. On the up side, we do know that the smoke detectors work in the basement. One of them, in addition to beeping, announces, "Fire. Fire. Fire." Gee, thanks, smoke detector.

We are so close to done. So very close. And everything takes time, and the rest of our lives have not gone on pause in the interim, so...yah. Stuff. Uff da.
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