Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

"Though it's not a high lot."

This morning timprov and I used the Home Despot flatbed truck rental and got our money's worth out of it. We brought home trim for the basement around the floor's edges. Oh lordy, I am going to be staining trim until my thirty-seventh birthday--at which point, coincidentally, I will be un-grounded from all the smartass remarks I made as a child that made my mother say, "All right for you, kid, you're grounded until you're thirty-seven," so that'll be a good milestone, un-grounded and done with staining the trim. And we brought home the new recumbent stationary bike, which is good, because everybody including the dog was starting to have serious worries about my safety on the old one. We have worn that poor thing into the ground. And also we went to Ikea because that is where you can get adjustable height desks.

Ohhhhh, I am so pleased at this prospect. We still have to deal with moving this desk, my grandpa's old desk, under the window, and putting together the new adjustable height one, and finding out what height to adjust it to. But I said about two books ago, "I should not write another book on this desk, it'll kill my arms," and now we are acting on it. (Grandpa's is a lovely desk, and I'm really glad to have it, but it will be my writing desk, not my typing desk. Also to a certain extent my storage desk.)

The new desk is called Frederik. I have never had a named desk before, but it says right on the box, "Frederik," and on the box for the drawer, it indicates that it is a drawer for Frederik. So all right: Frederik. I fear this means my next computer will have to be named Mabel. I'm glad that my new desk grew so brave and daring, but I'm hoping that it doesn't apprentice to any career seafaring. I'm also hoping that I can someday get that bit of Gilbert and Sullivan out of my head, but in the meantime I have shared it with you. Yes. You're welcome.

(timprov's new desk is called Galant, but I call it Goofus, because apparently part of my brain is still five years old and waiting for the dentist.)

Apparently the purpose of rental trucks from Home Despot is twofold: one to get things home that will not easily fit in the Volvo, but the other to make me immensely grateful for the said Volvo. Good grief, the ride on that thing. Uff da.
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