Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Where I'll be in 2010

Here is what I know so far:

I live here. Substantial travel is still hard for me with the vertigo. To give you an example of what I mean by "hard," the last trip I took had me essentially not sleeping for several nights because I was up and sick with the vertigo, after (and we think substantially because of) which I caught a bad cold that went into pneumonia. I have some hopes that that will improve, and I have some hopes that I can mitigate it with the type of transportation I choose (that is, no car rides of over three hours for awhile if I can help it). So mostly where I will be in 2010 is right here. But! Conventions and known travel:

Minicon is Easter weekend here in town, and I will be attending. I will be doing panels and such unless there is a glitch of some sort or unless they have too many people or not enough people for the panels I'd want to do, in which case I will be sitting in the con suite thanking people who bring me dark chocolate socializing.

Fourth Street Fantasy is also here in town. It's in mid-June. Many of you should come to Fourth Street, because many of you would like it and find it your sort of thing. And because then I would get to see you. (And you would get to see me, but really, priorities.) Also because Fourth Street is not a con with a well-established organization like Minn-StF or NESFA behind it, so it is entirely possible that you will not have a great many opportunities to attend Fourth Street.

Farthing Party is in Montreal in mid-August. Also awesome, and also not the product of a large organization. This is one of my planned travel experiments for the year.

The other is my godfather's wedding in SoCal in October. Of course you should not gate-crash my godfather's wedding, but I may have limited opportunities to see friends on the days I'm in that area and not attending the wedding of one of my favorite and most important family members to the woman he loves.

If Convivial (also here in town) is not on the weekend of my godfather's wedding, I will go to that. If it is, I won't, because as much as I like Convivial, my godfather trumps a great many things even informally, and a major event like his wedding trumps even more of them.

I may also be attending another family wedding this year, or possibly next year, or something. I don't have the details on that; so far as I know it's because the primaries have not decided upon them. That would be in the greater New York area somewhere, but it may take me awhile even once the primaries know the details to figure out how those details affect my ability to see friends and influence people. I will keep you posted, at least those of you to whom it might become relevant.
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