Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


The problem with being this level of tired is that I am convinced I am going to forget stuff even if I don't have any evidence that I will. I am writing stuff down that does not need writing down, or does not usually need writing down.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the meal I've thought of and halfway put together to feed the godkids and porphyrin and Mike tonight, but I'm a little alarmed that it seems to use all the food in the house. Here is what is in my produce drawers now: one partial head iceberg lettuce, one partial bag pearl onions. That is it. When I smelled the csabai and the gruyere together, I thought, "Oh yes, this is going to be the best mac 'n' cheese ever." I'm just a little taken aback at the number of things that went in it or its accompanying salad, and at the emptying whoooosh of the fridge and pantry. So it's a very good thing they have stores to fix this problem. Because wow.

Usually I say I've bought all the food in the world (or, these days, sent timprov to do so), so I suppose it was bound to balance out somehow.

Just think if I had energy! Then there would be wild rice pudding or who knows what. But it turns out the godkids like ice cream, so that's all right.
Tags: so juicy sweeeeet

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