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Schedules and short stories

One of the advantages we talked about, when we were still talking about carpeting the basement, is that we could go to a carpeting store and tell them to come today or tomorrow or possibly Saturday if they do that, and then the whole thing would be done before markgritter's next trip to California. We are so very very glad we did not do that. The estimate at the beginning of last week was that the contractors would finish their work at the end of last week or the beginning of this week. And it would have been really convenient to be able to get timprov's bedroom moved before markgritter went out of town. But I am so very, very glad we did not plan on that, not just because we will like the wood better, but also because they are not done yet. Still have access panels to do, the bathroom stuff to redo from the inspection mixup, the handrail to install, and various other things. Those of you who have done this sort of project before are not even remotely surprised that it's gone longer than expected; still and all, I am surprised that the estimate was this far wrong this close to the end. It's not like we were expecting them to be done a week ago based on what they thought on Santa Lucia Day. It's based on what they thought a week and a half ago. Rather different.

They are nice contractors, and they seem to be doing a good job, but I will be so glad when they are not in and out of my house on a mostly-daily basis.

I'm hoping that I can finish up this short story that fell on me earlier this week, "On the Purchase and Sale of Phoenix Eggs (Used)," but I am trying not to stress about the short stories. Ages ago I was writing multiple short stories a month all year long. This is not going to be my usual thing, and I wouldn't be happy if it was, so I really, really need to keep perspective on how many short stories I "should" have in circulation at any given time. If it drops below fifteen I get twitchy. This is silly and wrong. On the other hand, here is this short story, and it sort of fell on me, and I'm at least going to get the bits cleaned up, whether or not I finish it right now. Then back to the Carter Hall novel, really really really. I have had some goalie-related insights that should be fun. Maybe. I hope.
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