Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

same as it ever was

Cough still nasty, congestion still unpleasant, throat still a mess. But! I woke up this morning convinced that I must be better, because I had a short story idea in my NyQuil sleep.

And it kept making sense when I started writing it down, which is always a good sign, because NyQuil is good for those temporarily awesome story ideas that make you wake up a little further and say, "Er. Well. But what do the porpoises do with a golem, once they have one? And aren't the letters at grave risk of washing off his head?"

And then. Um. The thing is, short stories mostly do not come with chapters. And short stories do not come with subplots. And while short stories very well can come with E. Nesbit references, so can middle grade books. Of which this clearly is one.

Well, crud. At least the voice is fun to write. No, I'm sorry, let's amend that: oh crap, the voice is fun to write! Nothing for it but to rattle off the bits that come to me, save and close the file, and go trudging back to the couch to drink my juice and read a Marine Corps novel with nothing whatever to do with E. Nesbit. And try to figure out what I can actually eat, because the children in this book are eating popcorn and extremely hot curries, and that is not what I can eat at this juncture.
Tags: full of theories, sick and wrong
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