Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Christmas logic gates

My mom and I, inveterate planners--nay, a planning juggernaut--have spent this week carefully not planning, or not attaching to particular plans. "If Grandma's still in the hospital, then this," we say, "and if it's snowing heavily then that." "If greykev makes it to Omaha, this; if it's too nasty out for porphyrin's to come down, that."

We have reached the point on the flowchart of this year's shaky-but-determined Christmas where it just seems like the best thing for Ista, markgritter, and me to head down to Apple Valley to stay with my folks for the next few days. It'll make hospital visits easier, it'll make festivities--whether truncated or no--easier, and it'll mean that no one has to worry about whether we'll make it down when we wanted to. Because we'll just be there. So I am packing, in addition to my toothbrush and socks and like that, board games and DVDs and oranges and pepparkakor and shortbread and gjetost and wine. timprov was invited but decided to join us on Christmas Day if the roads and his health permit, and if not he has the fixings for an excellent Timprovian dinner.

There's very little about this Christmas that's the way we would have wanted if we'd been given the choice of planning it out last Christmas. But there can be really good bits anyway, and I think this is going to be one of them.

My folks have wifi, and I will have laptop and cell phone, so it's not like I'm going to the ends of the earth to hide under a rock. As far as most of you are concerned, it'll be just the same. I will almost certainly not liveblog it if we are sitting around in our pajamas playing Beat The Hell Out Of Richard. But y'know. Highlights reel maybe.
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