Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Grandma update

My grandma has been readmitted to the hospital. She has an abscess where the appendix was. She also has pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. They did a procedure this morning to try to take care of the abscess. They believe that went well, but the next 48 hours will tell; if the procedure this morning wasn't enough they may have to do a full surgery. She will definitely be in the hospital until Monday, and longer if need be.

We will be unable to fetch Grandma's oldest sister, my Onie, for Christmas this year. She will not spend Christmas alone, as there are lots of relatives in her area, but usually she spends it with us, and this year that's just not possible.

Prayers and warm thoughts/wishes are appreciated. I also appreciate quick distracting e-mails on topics such as what you're reading or what you're watching or what you're excited to give for presents. My gmail is marissalingen.
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