Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Why Books Are Dangerous

Today I got advance uncorrected proofs of a couple of things, thanks to a nice bookstore owner, and also some sale books. I went from the bookstore to the library to pick up a bunch of books I'd put on hold, some for work and others just to read.

And on the drive from books to more books, what did I come up with? An idea for another book, of course. That would require me to reread at least three series and a bunch of research material on topics I have never previously considered interesting.

Dangerous things, is books. Or maybe it's the driving that's the problem. If I hadn't been driving, I might have, probably, or working on a book, or talking to a member of this household, as likely as not about books. No, I fear the driving is not to blame here. Just the books.

I did not buy the entire other Dorothy Dunnett series at the bookstore. Naturally I wouldn't have bought all the Lymond books, as pameladean has already lent them to me. Does that stack of lovely Lymond books to read decrease my urge to get more? Oh, what do you think? Of course not! It makes me want to get an unsampled series by that author! In its entirety! Books! Breeding more books!

Nobody has as yet advanced the evolutionary theory that a writer is a book's mechanism for making another book. At least not in my hearing. But it does not sound implausible to me.

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