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So you don't have to.

Finding a really awesome restaurant in an outer-ring suburb is a great joy, but you don't expect it. The outer ring people are farther from everybody else, so quite often the restaurants out there are shooting for displeasing as few people as possible, while still remaining a step above well-known chain restaurants in their genre. What you don't want is for people in Lakeville to say, "There's a Red Lobster up in Burnsville; we might as well go to that if we want seafood and don't want to drive all the way into the city."

We tried Molly Cool's down on Cedar and Dodd tonight, and I expect that that is exactly what the people in Lakeville are saying of it. We decided to share appetizers around the table as the main meal, because the entrees they had were so completely standard that it didn't even seem worth bothering with them--we feel perfectly competent to broil a fresh piece of common fish and dump lemon butter on it all by ourselves, and do not feel that having a restaurant chef perform this service is worth the price.

Not one of the things we had was interesting or good. Not one. Calamari was boring and grainy, walleye was boring, crab-stuffed portobello was boring (and the mushroom was tough), oysters were boring, chowder was boring, beet salad was boring. I am all for mild beets. These beets were so mild that I kept poking at them to try to determine whether they had dyed potatoes red. The texture was wrong for that. But the flavor was right. Hint: people who go to the trouble of ordering beet salad in a restaurant are often familiar with the concept that beets have a flavor, and are offering to exchange money for something with that flavor.

The up sides are twofold: 1) now none of you will be obliged to do this unless you like really, really boring seafood, and 2) I have returned from what was meant to be a fairly large dinner out with plenty of room for ice cream.

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