Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

stew, vertigo, etc.

At porphyrin and moiread's request, I have posted my lamb stew recipe. If "recipe" is the right word. Many of the quantities are "some" and "awhile" and "if you like that sort of thing." Stews do not want precision.

I did not get 17 hours of steadiness this time around. I got somewhere between 6 and 11, because I went to bed at the 6-hour mark and was feeling fine and woke up at the 11-hour mark with a very, very bad vertigo-induced nightmare. Somewhere in the middle there, though. Prior to last week, I was always getting unsteady again before bedtime, so this still feels like progress, though obviously not monotonic progress. I also feel like the good steady times are getting longer and the bad vertigo times are getting slightly more intense. We'll see if it continues like this. Hmmm.

With moiread in and mattgritter coming right after her departure and then markgritter leaving right after his brother does for an extended trip to California, I'm feeling like the end of the year and all its holidays are upon me right now. But markgritter will be back in time for Lucia Day, and so things are not quite so precipitous as all that. (Still should remember to do everything what needs doing, though.)
Tags: so juicy sweeeeet, stupid vertigo

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