Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Two Gender Yargs

So here I am looking through children's market listings, making notes, and I came upon this statement, quoted verbatim from the publisher in question: "We want nonfiction specfiically targeted to girls. If the approach would appeal to boys as well as girls, it is not right for American Girl Library."

This reflects a view of both boys and girls that is so alien to me that I can hardly even count how many fundamentla disagreements I have with this mindset. It's a very good thing I have no intention of writing for American Girl Library nor ever have, or my dream would be hereby crushed.

And then, the Victoria's Secret holiday catalog arrived. They always send this ridiculous thing, where you can order two sweaters, five pairs of panties, and a safari, or something stupid like that. This time, on page four, it reads, "No matter what role you play, underneath it all, every woman is an angel."

What freakin' year is this? 1886? Honestly!!! Every woman is an angel my lily-white angelic ASS!

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