Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Not all that glitters is gold, but sometimes it's awesome anyway.

So timprov and I had just finished getting burgers and malts with the folks, Grandma, and Johan before he goes back to Sweden. (Yes, laurel, I give you permission to imagine me sitting at the Malt Shop with Johan Santana, even though that is totally not what happened.) (markgritter is in California or he'd have come too.) And there is a new store along the stretch there with the Malt Shop and Blackbird and Heidi's and Patina. It's called something like Shoppe Local, which means that we have to pronounce it Shoppy Local, because we are abby normal.

And! They had! Oh, this is exciting. Other than the Christmas presents. And other than the baby presents for someone who is spawning and will be relieved to see I take open (semi-hostile) hints about baby presents. And other than the print of the octopus on the dictionary page from "thenceforward" to "thermal capacity." And other than a couple of greeting cards I will keep in reserve for when I need them.

I got a locket.

Did you know I always wanted a locket? Well, I didn't. But this is my locket. It is gold, and it has a raven girl on the front in black. She is wearing a raven cloak over her dress. She is cheekily pleased as raven girls are. The locket is just the right size so that when I put it in the palm of my hand and close my fingers around it, it fills my hand. And the gold is textured in a way that reminds me of my Gran, and the chain rattles along it in that percussionary locket way.

I don't know who goes in it for sure yet. I was thinking Niddhogg and Yggdrasil, facing off inside my locket, but we'll have to see. Wee tiny pictures of them may not be the easiest thing. Hel and her lupine brother might be nice. It is that kind of a raven girl, you see. Well. Or else I am.
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