Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Silly TV question

If any of you out there watch Saving Grace and can answer a very simple question for me, I'd appreciate it:

Does Earl the Angel continue to chaw tobacco after the pilot?

This is silly, I know, but one of the main reasons I have things to watch on DVD is so that I can work out while watching them, get hungry thereby, and help combat the vertigo nausea. The problem is that spat-out chewed tobacco bits or juice may be the single most disgusting thing I can think of, so disgusting that its visual representation nauseates me because my brain supplies the smell. So if Earl is going to continue with this behavior, I don't know that this show will work for me as workout fodder.

(I think it would be a lot more common for someone to have this visceral and strong a reaction to, say, the corpses and maggots and things on Bones, or the violence in a number of other shows I've enjoyed. But no: for me the deal breaker is consistently depicted chaw or snus. I can barely get past it in written fiction, and filmed is right out. Blarg.)
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