Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

I even like some mints, but this was still better.

We (this being markgritter and I) have arrived in Michigan in the same number of pieces as we were in when we left Minnesota, I believe. The new niece is a very nice baby. The old niece remains a very nice little girl, curious and fun to be around. We do not, unfortunately, see enough of her that she remembers us very well from visit to visit, but we are not the sort of grown-ups who expect that a child who hasn't seen us in ten months will want to fling herself affectionately upon us first thing. There was affectionate flinging. Just not the very first thing. Far better to let the child pick and get genuine hugs than to force the issue and make sure that she remembers she didn't much like you because you were grabby.

(We got "good job eating dinner" hugs. And Amber didn't even have a clear understanding of how nasty the plane ride was for me, so these were just run-of-the-mill congratulatory after-dinner hugs. Sort of in place of a mint, if you will.)

As for the plane ride, I can report that it was a perfectly ordinary plane ride, and that we have not apparently reached a time when perfectly ordinary plane rides are reasonable things for me. Blarg. (I was going to say that they were not a comfortable thing for me, and indeed they aren't, but as we're referring to commercial airline travel in the early 21st century, I expect they're not comfortable for anybody. But, at the risk of whining, less so for me. Even without turbulence, they sometimes want to turn or bank the plane or make it go up or down further. I cannot at this point approve of this behavior. I am still feeling the aftereffects. We'll see how the rest of the weekend goes. Uff da.)
Tags: family, kids these days, stupid vertigo

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