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So. I'm able to open my eyes and look at the computer screen consistently. When I went down to get a glass of milk this morning, I did not have to do it on my butt so that there wouldn't be so far to fall if I fell. This means today is a better day than yesterday.

I have also taken off the leggings underneath my long flannel nightgown, as I am not ridiculously cold, and breakfast did not send me into fifteen minutes of uncontrollable shivers. Definitely also an improvement.

I still ache all over, I still have a sore throat and postnasal drip and nothing tastes good and I'm coughing more. This worries me a bit, since it's how things started when I got So Very Sick a few years ago and then was a Fraggle for months afterwards. (Fragile, worn to a frazzle....) I'm keeping an eye on it. I promise.

But at least I can read today, I hope, or watch a movie, or maybe even work. I had periods of being able to read yesterday, but only Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary, because I knew that when I stopped being able to read and just had to lie still and think for awhile, I wouldn't be thinking, "Hey, wait, what about ____? That's stupid!" I also somewhat watched but mostly listened to the Canadiens lose again. Ah well.

The other news of yesterday is that Mark's motherboard -- you know, the one that runs our server -- is finally dead. He went and bought himself a new machine. Said new machine is still being set up and configured and all that. So I have access to messages that arrived since the motherboard died, but the others are beyond my reach for now. I also would have to mess with his computer to update my "real" journal. I'm not gonna. It can wait.

Thank you all for being nice to me.
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