Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Week of October 24-30

Just the two rejections this week, and one of them was from a market I'd given up on last week. I haven't sent the rejected book back out yet: need to get to one of those Children's Writer Market books, haven't had the time or, more accurately, the energy.

Back hasn't gone out this badly in a goodly while. I'm not entirely in a holding pattern until I get to the chiropractor's, but I'm certainly spending more time resting than I usually do, and more time away from the computer. It's useful to have a printout of Thermionic Night to be working on, so that getting away from the computer doesn't mean being a big ol' slacker. At least not every time.

There is a character called Malykorne in Moonwise, and it made me remember that I miss alecaustin, who should win a magical no-purchase-necessary lottery and come visit us. (He's got a character name in one of his books that sounds similar.) Some of the rest of you all should arrange for the same: magical no-purchase-necessary lottery. See to it.

I am not dressing up as anything but a Mrissa for Halloween. If I had to dress up as something, I would probably dress up as a dealer's room at a con. I would wear a geeky T-shirt and a ton of jewelry and put my little stuffed dragon on my shoulder and cart around a stack of books. But now that I've said it, I don't have to do it.

This thought came about because I was bemoaning the fact that I wouldn't see Heathah's kids' costumes or the costumes fiddle_dragon has been talking about for the kids at her house. (So take pictures, you people!) timprov said we could go see them, and I said by the time the kids were ready, we'd have dd_b and lydy and pameladean over for dinner (and this is a good thing, having them for dinner, and was deliberate [because how do you accidentally have people over for dinner and know about it in advance?], and we probably wouldn't have crashed in on people's houses even if they'd said they couldn't come). T said, "We could take them with! We could all go as a...what's the collective noun for fen?" I said, "Con." He's not sure it's a con of fen. He thinks it might be a futurism of fen. But in any case, we aren't going anywhere as anything, but if we were going as a con, I would be sorely tempted to go as the dealer's room.

Geek much, Mris? No, not hardly....

Right then. Away from the computer. After one more e-mail.

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