Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

An Unexpected Barbecue

I think if Middle-Earth had been written by an American, we might have gotten "An Unexpected Barbecue" and "A Long-Expected Barbecue" instead.

Anyway. Mine was not unexpected in its existence so much as in its location, but moving it here was considered far better than cancellation, I think by all parties, and so there you have that.

I may live on porphyrin's pears and gorgonzola cheese and whatever nuts we have left in the pantry and possibly tiny shreds of prosciutto for as long as it holds out. I used most of the prosciutto already and all of the walnuts, and it was totally worth it. They are small lumpy pears, not the kind you get in supermarkets, and they are so lovely all the way through, you just slice them open and cut the middle out and stuff it with cheese and nuts fine, so very fine.
Tags: family, my friends rule

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