Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

One glass of wine and two Advil.

I did nothing to make my back this apocalyptically bad. I swear. I behaved myself much better than usual today, mostly limiting computer time to before noon and not doing anything obviously funky to my back for the rest of the day. But sometime between calling Ceej about dinner and Ceej arriving for said dinner (about 45 minutes elapsed), my back went out. Without me. It may have gone out dancing and drinking and carousing. It may have gone out to run errands. But out it went, and in I stayed.

Here's the plan:
1. One glass of wine (because yes, I am a total lightweight), then a pause
2. Two Advil
3. Fuzzy socks and flannel nightgown
4. Nothing horribly back-demanding all evening
5. Sleep
(if it's still nasty in the morning)
6. More Advil
7. Massage if the place on Denmark can get me in before seagrit gets here (they usually have vacancies, especially early in the morning)
(if still necessary)
8. Chiropractor call

So far we're in the middle of step 4. Reading Moonwise, watching some of "Monsters, Inc.", talking to Andrew on the phone. That last was probably not the back-easiest thing ever, but it was good anyway, and I'm going to go away from the computer and not talk on the phone for the rest of the evening.

(For those of you who still need a scorecard, markgritter and I were in a U-Haul accident a little over five years ago. It did nasty things to my back. Sometimes they are more actively nasty than other times. I usually have a bit of tension in my back; I often have some badly aligned bits; it's rarely this bad. This is a consistent level of pain and motion impairment (though I'm trying to keep moving it anyway, because I know freezing up back pain is bad bad bad). This is nauseating pain. And to add insult to injury, it's in a region of the back that makes me feel as though I am a truly bad person. If you ever doubt that physical pain can affect your sense of self, stop doubting. I have a Good Mrissa Button on the back of my neck (v. useful) and a pair of Bad Mrissa Buttons on my back. The pain this time is centered right over the right-hand Bad Mrissa Button. It is through freakin' willpower that I am maintaining the sense that I am not pure evil but merely feel really nasty.)

(And aside from that I'm in a really great mood. Go figure. People are very strange things to be.)
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