Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Auntie Mris, take two!

I have been an aunt for three years now, nearly three and a half. It is a wondrous fine thing, being an aunt. Today I am an aunt again. seagrit and jffgrnfld are parents again. But Amber--this is the completely new part--Amber is now a big sister. So I'm not sure if we will have "the niecelets" or if "niecelet" will be passed down and Amber will become "niece" or what. We will find our way in this, I feel pretty sure.

We are so very glad to have little miss Lily Jane Greenfield as part of the family. We will be so happy to meet her in person when we get the chance.

(Also, I totally called it from the ultrasound pictures that she has her grandma's nose the same as her big sister does. I think markgritter and his siblings look more like each other than like anybody else in their family--with the exception of Dan, who looks startlingly like Grandpa Lyzenga as a young man--and this may happen again with the next generation. Or it may not. Time will tell, and there is plenty of time for little faces to grow into bigger ones.)
Tags: family

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