Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Brain bypassed

Chapter 12 (of Thermionic Night) was looking pretty short, and there were other things I needed Ansa Nikkanen to do early-ish in the book, so I started in with one of them in my journal this evening. A new beginning to the chapter. And...well. Goodness.

Do you ever feel like things are going from subconscious to pen without really stopping through the main conscious parts of the brain first? Like you're sitting there observing, going, "Oh, yeah, that's interesting, who knew? She's got a what now?" Like all the cool bits that are getting stuck into the subtext for later are totally not your fault?

I wanted to say it was like it was someone else's book, but really it's not. It's clearly my book. It's just my book with a brain bypass. It's clearly work, because my head and hand are starting to ache. But I don't remember planning any of this, and I was there, so you'd think I'd know.

(In other news, this has not been my physically best day, and I am as unchatty as I was chatty before. I told my mom on e-mail that there wasn't much going on here. Then I realized that I had all kinds of news from Michelle, so I'll have to correct myself with my next e-mail in the morning. Ah well.)

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