Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

obscure holidays of the upper middle-west

Happy Mris Looks Like A Murderer Day!

My birthday eve, you see, is the occasion of the baking of the traditional double-chocolate cherry scones. (This year I put in hazelnuts because Grandma is here.) And that means halving and pitting a bunch of fresh cherries, and that means my fingers look like I have been cheerfully slaughtering people all morning. Well--I suppose you couldn't tell from the fingers whether it was cheerful or not.

Still, this is an important thing, the making of the scones. I didn't make them last year because of the vertigo, and it was particularly important not to have Mom make them, because part of the point is that she did all the work 31 years ago and I just showed up, so the least I can do is make her scones. This year I have been having some bad vertigo days compared to the weeks preceding, but I'm still okay enough to make scones for us for tomorrow morning. Hurrah for progress, however minimal.
Tags: birthday princess, holiday cheer and thumping, stupid vertigo

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