Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Impending Grandma

I have just noticed that I have been so careful not to say anything about Grandma's moving dates in case something goes wrong with the people who are buying her house or whatever that I have not mentioned how soon it's supposed to be coming. I mean, it's not just superstition: even if the people who are buying her house have done everything right, things can go wrong with mortgage companies at the last minute. Strange and arcane are the ways of real estate transactions. It all makes me very nervous, because it doesn't feel like it just depends on people being sensible, it feels like it depends on people being sensible and having form XJ447b62 filled out properly instead of form XJ447b62a.

But: failing anything strange and arcane going wrong, my grandma will live here in the south suburbs in slightly less than two weeks.


I keep saying to her, "Everything is going to be so much better when you're here, Grandma." And I really do think it will.

She's coming up for her last pre-move visit this weekend, for my birthday, and we're going to see Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil and the Smothers Brothers (consecutive, not concurrent) and generally have a fine old time. And then the next time I see her after that--good Lord willing and the creek don't rise--will be when she's moving in. To be 15 minutes away from me.


I have other pre-birthday things to accomplish--the making of the ritual birthday double-chocolate scones, for example, but that has to wait so they're fresh. Nobody wants stale scones. (Note to zorinth: I don't mean to taunt you, but they're very like my chocolate bread. Sorry.) It'll be a busy-ish week with that and other things. And then at the end of it there will be birthday and Grandma.
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