Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

What we did to settle it in our minds.

Okay okay okay.

So last night's entry about titles is almost certainly the result of me a) wanting distraction and b) being nearly ready to send this thing out. I don't actually want to stall on sending it out. But sending out novels is frankly kind of scary. You have to blow your hair out of your eyes and set your jaw and decide that, no, really, you shouldn't try to make it better, you should just send it out, and no, it's probably not perfect, but removing and replacing that comma on page 58 is probably not going to make or break the agent's desire to represent you or the editor's desire to publish you so send the book out already.

But the title is bigger than a comma, and poking around at it before sending the thing out is not completely unreasonable. Especially as some of you are giving me lovely titles. For sequels. Sigh.

This one feels particularly large and looming as I prepare to send it out because I've never taken this long to revise a book I knew how to revise before. I don't want to make excuses for myself, but I also don't want to ignore reasons. The vertigo is a reason. And this is a weird combination of still dealing that and getting past it. I am still struggling through this. It's better than it was. And the book has been holding still and letting me wipe the dirt off its cheek and the frosting off its nose, we are. Getting there.

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