Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


Things that put me in a good mood (in no particular order, because we all know how Mrissas feel about total orderings by now, don't we? Or do I have to do that speech again?):
--baking bread
--fried sage leaves in squash soup and chasing down the swirls of sage butter as I snarf the soup
--knowing that there's almost an entire series left now that I've finished The Game of Kings, and I get to read it all
--plenty of other books in the meantime
--obtaining more of same at Uncle Hugo's
--time with dd_b yesterday at Uncle Hugo's and Blaisdell Poly and some other place whose name I don't remember, but it's just about midway between here and there and had tasty barbecued things
--time with markgritter and timprov and C.J. around the house last night
--time alone and quiet this morning before the day had really started
--revisions! going well! rivers of blood! (and flipping chapters around, yarg, but they are better flipped than not or I wouldn't do it)
--sitting with tea or coffee or cider or other hot beverage and said revisions
--only a week and a half left until the damn election (properly speaking, "the damn election" should probably go in the "things that put me in a bad mood" column, but we're not doing that today; we are maintaining good mood no matter what we read online or in the paper)
--making weekend plans and plans for next week with coffee and walks and all manner of good things
--leaves! chilly mornings! rain! FALL!
--the prospect of oatmeal pancakes and, if I am a good Mrissa, an apple fritter (the former from my own hands and the latter from Byerly's)
--getting "Missa P'etty Beeeeeads" from porphyrin (and also likely Sarah Pretty Beads, but Roo has not met seagrit to admire her jewelry)
--a book new enough that I can run off somewhere strange with it and not break it
--having a social circle where my stories are not unacceptably eccentric
--people telling me what's making them happy today here in the comments and otherwise e-mailing me or posting stuff in their own journals to entertain me
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