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Today is the most physically miserable I've been in quite awhile, and while the vertigo has been generally improving, it has not been monotonically improving. Today eating is hard (although that's not all vertigo, I don't think), and moving around the house safely is hard, and being comfortable sitting still is hard, and it's all just hard. And I'm hoping that it is the designated hard day this week, because I will do 4th St. either way, but it's going to be much more fun if it's more like yesterday than like today.

Also I have not been posting Grandpa stories very much, but oh, I miss my grandpa. I am still running into such difficult things. And sometimes it's not even related to a trigger at all. Sometimes I just want my grandpa, dammit.

We got markgritter back this morning, finally. That doesn't make everything better. But it doesn't make anything worse, and several things--notably the lack of markgritter--it does improve substantially. (His 5-day business trip was unexpectedly extended to 8 days. Not A Fan, but sometimes these things are necessarily.)

I think I can still manage the stuff what needs doing before the times when it needs to be done. But it feels--both literally and figuratively--like ground is slipping away beneath my feet.

I really hope sleep is a reset button.
Tags: grandpa, state of the mris, stupid vertigo
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