Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen


I just wanted you all to know that I don't hate my book any more. I love my book. Love love love. Or, as buymeaclue would say, loff loff loff.

It's still horrible. Four pages took me an hour and a half last night. But it's a good kind of horrible. It's a fixable kind of horrible. I can see it getting better with every stroke of the pen. I have pages of notes, things to do to these two books. Pages and pages, and it will work and the book will be better and I will be happy. I know what I'm doing with this book so much better now that they're both drafted. This is part of the nonsequential writing for me, I think: revising the whole book instead of trying to get one segment absolutely perfect.

And I know what I'm doing with writing in general so much better than I did when I started these books. I am a better writer than I was then. This should come as more of a relief than a surprise, since I started them three years ago. Still. It's a good thing.

The jewelry thing is a problem, however. elisem and porphyrin and palinade: bad, bad influences with their pretty, pretty beads. Amber and Rachel did not have this bad influence on me. It's story people who do it. Sigh.

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