Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Reasonable expectations? Do we do that around here?

I am looking at my to-do list for the rest of the week. It looks...oh, what's the word...tip of my tongue, you know, thingy...



I mean, there's the line item that's there just in case: the list of people I would like to arrange to hang out with if we have a spare moment, and, if relevant, what we would be arranging to do. That's a long enough line item that I'm not going to get it done this week, even if we do figure out Dad's birthday plans and even though we do have the bits of arrival/departure for 4th St. that we have committed to handling. (I think. I'm almost sure. We have committed to very little in the way of airport runs at this point.) So anyway: social line item not likely to be fully accomplished by Saturday midnight.

But the rest of it: this looks reasonable. It looks workable. It looks like it will allow me to finish this week and move on to next week.

And I have the automatic reaction, No, that can't be right.

But I have to remember why I have my to-do lists on a weekly scale: in part so I don't forget to do stuff that needs doing, sure, but in part so that I understand that I do not have to do everything at once. Every once in awhile the list sort of metastasizes and I have a list for one week that's about three weeks' worth of stuff. That doesn't work. I don't magically get handed two more weeks' worth of time when that happens. Some of the stuff on a list that long will get moved to the next week's list, and the next; that's how it works. So the goal is to keep from forgetting stuff that needs remembering, but also to keep from piling on the expectation that I will find 72 hours in every day.

I think I've done that this week.

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