Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Turbinator: Salvation

Timprov's turbinates are a shadow of their former selves, as is his uvula, and his tonsils are gone. While he does not appear to be in any danger of injuring himself leaping about and frolicking any time soon, the surgery itself went about as well as such a thing could be expected to go--better, in fact. "This is the fastest we've ever discharged a tonsilectomy patient!" one of the nurses kept repeating.

There is still the recovery to get through, and swallowing is not the most fun he's ever had. But to start with the procedure going well: hurrah! Onwards! Wiktory!

And on a much more trivial level: so glad to be out of that freezing cold hospital I can hardly tell you. It is in the 80s here today on the Fahrenheit scale. I was wearing wool socks and jeans and a shirt and a hoodie, and I kept putting my hands on markgritter's laptop to warm them, because you could hang meat in the family lounge of that hospital. Uff da.
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