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I have been battling headaches the last several days, some with migraine symptoms and some not.

Despite all this I have managed to have pleasant times with various family members and have gotten a lot done on works of fiction.

Also we have an egress window in the basement, which is by no means the entire project, or even second cousins with the entire project, but it's a start, and the start is finished quite to my satisfaction.

I wish my cousin would go on ahead and have this baby already. I don't wish it half as much as she does, though.

It's very useful to find out whether you work on fuel or on rewards or both or neither. My fuel for the late afternoons--I do terribly with late afternoons mostly, particularly without fuel--has been the remaining good dark hot chocolate (Marie Belle Aztec) with a dollop of the remaining cream I whipped for Mom's birthday from the glass bottles from the local creamery. Now we are out of that cream for the moment, and I will have to figure out another fuel for other late afternoons. It was really quite lovely while it lasted. Also I am unreasonably fond of getting cream in little glass bottles. I'm sure it's more environmentally sound to wash and return them, but the glass is heavy and feels so fine in my hand, and I have to poke a butter knife through the top of the cream to get it to pour, and I cannot pretend it is the future of the planet concerning me when I use this stuff, it's the present of the me. And you know how much better whipped carton cream tastes than ReddiWhip (feh, feh)? That's how much better this tastes than whipped carton cream.
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