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random things numbering only two, so not really an entry per se

They are totally going to take away my femme card, but I figured out how to give my mom instructions for buying me a purse (for which I was to reimburse her, but it's a lot easier for her to wander through stores than it is for me right now). She kept asking my questions about my purse preferences, and I kept making the inarticulate Noises Of Shrugging, and finally I said, "Look, Ma. Pretend that you're buying a purse for Dad, if for some strange reason Dad had agreed to carry a purse." Not only did this entertain my dad while they were at the store, but it worked! I have a functional purse now. It appears to lack holes in the bottom or sides and to be big enough to hold the things I want to fit in a purse and to avoid clashing with everything I own. I'm sure, knowing that my mom picked it out, that it has other really nice features, but what I care about is: purse, did not have to go purse-shopping with vertigo, wiktory.

In other news, my godson is hilarious.
Me: Robin, do you know what you're going to want for your birthday?
Robin, eagerly: What?
Seriously. He wanted to know. Because I am his godmama and apparently I know these things.

I do have a few ideas, so his faith in me is not completely misplaced.

(Also I need a new Robin-icon, since he is now nearly 7 and was not quite 2 in the picture in the icon.)
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