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weekend not-a-report

I don't tend to do formal con reports, in part because the sort of conversation I go to cons to have is not one that lends itself well to the, "And then I talked to x about y," format of reportage. I didn't go to any panels except the one I was on, partly because I was not particularly inspired by most of them and partly because the few I was interested in would have required me to leave a good conversation and ask someone to walk me over to programming. It's not that I think they wouldn't have. It's that it didn't seem worthwhile to me. I do a lot of things in long chunks with the vertigo at cons: went to both concerts Friday night and three readings in a row Saturday because I was in the right location and it seemed like it would be fun, rather than because it seemed like it was the very very most fun I could possibly be having at that moment.

I came out of this Minicon all excited about Pat Wrede's new book, Thirteenth Child. I want to go buy a copy and read it and probably press it upon several other people as well. And she didn't even get to the mammoths in the bit she read!

And as for Easter, it went as well as you could expect the first major holiday after losing Grandpa to go. My parents' church had all the right songs I would want for Easter, which was good but very hard, and also they added "On Our Way Rejoicing" as the closing hymn, which makes me snuffly even in the best of times. I think because Grandma was down at Aunt Dor's for Easter, it felt...I don't know. I think the ones where we have Grandma with us will be better, because I miss my grandma, but also worse, because it will highlight that Grandpa is not with us, rather than just being, y'know, not with us. We had dinner at my folks' with lots of our own monkeys. We talked on the phone to Aunt Ellen. We got through it, and even enjoyed some parts. This is all we could really ask under the circumstances.
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