Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Grandpa's socks

sheyrena misread my previous subject line, and it reminded me of a Grandpa thing. I have told this one before, too, I'm pretty sure. Now I'm telling it again.

He and I and Mom and Grandma had been out to dinner or something when I was a teenager and Dad was out of town. We got back to their place, and Grandma went upstairs to change into her robe and slippers. Grandpa sat down in his recliner. "Oh, Debra," he said to my mom. "I'm beat into my socks."

That is not what my mother and I heard. We both went, "You WHAT?"

Because we both heard, "Oh, Debra, I peed in my socks."

It's become a family thing that we say when we're really tired, but I have to say it's one of the more alarming of our family things (which is actually sort of an accomplishment), because it tends to come up when we've known people long enough that they think they should know what on earth we're on about, and then there we are announcing that our hosiery is urine-soaked. Which would give a body pause, I can understand.
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