Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Rainy Friday Morning

I don't know how this works, but I love it: when the rain starts, the light in the office window is much more golden. I think it's that the birch tree just outside the window has almost completely turned, and the leaves reflect more light when they're wet. Fall in Minnesota makes me so happy.

I didn't really feel tired much yesterday, and it all seems to have come back to bite me today. Ah well; I have no plans to circumambulate any lakes today, so if I had to be tired one of the last two days, today was the right one. (Although if an offer came up for the right lake at the right time, I might be hard-pressed to say no...but I would say no, I think, because there's other stuff I need to do. Sigh.)

I'm wearing "Singing Them Back," and my fingers keep going to the beads, and I think that answers the question of what to work on today. I can always do something else if it pulls up short, but I think poking it for awhile wouldn't hurt anything.

It seems that I can only remember what else I was going to say when I'm downstairs, so I guess I'll tell you later if I can manage to write it down when I'm down there. Silly brain.

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