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Minicon plans

My Minicon schedule this year is light on formal plans, so if you want to find me, it'll probably be easier to call my cell or poke around looking for me rather than planning to see me after one of my panels, since there is only one, it's on Sunday, and I will be leaving after it for my Easter dinner. If you don't have my cell number, please ask on e-mail. (Note: several people have said, "I don't have your e-mail," lately. Of course you do. It's right there in my user info. It's also on my website, which is linked from my user info. But just in case, go ahead and use the gmail account that goes to marissalingen. I am not trying to be sneaky about this.)

Anyway, the panel in question is:

Careful the Wish You Make
Sunday 2:30
Veranda 3/4
Ruth Berman(m), Jane Yolen, Pat Wrede, Laramie Sasseville, Marissa Lingen

The line is from Sondheim's Into the Woods, and is followed by the assertion that "wishes come true, not free." From wishing upon a star to three wishes, we will discuss the techniques, rewards and perils of having one's wishes granted. What would you wish for?

If you have thoughts on wishes, by all means feel free to share them here.

Oh, also: I am not getting a hotel room Friday night this year. (I never get a hotel room Saturday night.) Being home and quiet and with my own housemammals at the end of the day seemed like a much better idea under the circumstances. I expect that I will be at the con Friday afternoon and well into the night, Saturday morning through night, Sunday late morning through approximately the end of the panel. Most of the con for me, really, since I am not a night owl and would be tottering off to bed long before laurel and fmsv do their ritual anyway.
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