Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

As of the end of the third season BSG

Dear writers/producers of Battlestar Galactica:

I admit that I am, shall we say, perhaps the tiniest bit quirky. But here are two simple rules for you. I don't think they are too much to ask.

Rule 1. You must make a decision at the beginning of a filmed speculative series. Do you have continuity of pop music, or do you not have continuity of pop music? You chose not. You have been using drummy stuff generated for this show. People sometimes wail. Etc. Then, boom! Three seasons in! All Along the Watchtower? Really? Out of the blue we have continuity of pop music and you have chosen a bad remake of All Along the Frakkin' Watchtower??? And as if that was insufficient injury, you add the insult of having Lee and Kara stuff on exactly the line that every fan vidder since the beginning of the show has done Lee and Kara stuff on? Are you professionals in this field? Come on, people!

Rule 2. If you are going to have a really stupid extra-long season ender, you must bribe me with something I want to watch in the extra length. The extra-long stupidity of the end of Season 2 was monumental. It was nearly epic amounts of stupid. But! You bribed me with the first dose of Bearded Union Rabble-Rousing Chief and his Engineery Goodness! He was making speeches to the union hall! Do you see this? Do you know what this means? This means that I am easily bought. That was all it took. Stupid episode, stupid plot twists, but--beard! Rousing of rabble! Speech involving blood and gears!

I seem to remember some show my mother watched when I was small having a character whose political affiliation was the opposite of that of the actress playing her, and every time she had to give a speech that was too far for the actress, the actress got to sing a song in that or a nearby episode, because she liked to sing. Do like that for me. I explained this to George Lucas regarding girl Jedis after The Movie Of Which We Do Not Speak, and he did not listen to me for Those Other Two Movies Of Which We Do Not Speak. I don't really expect it will work with you, either, especially as S4 is almost over. But put in a little effort here, people. It is not that hard.

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