Marissa Lingen (mrissa) wrote,
Marissa Lingen

Open Letter to the Neighbors

Dear Neighbors to the South:

This marks the ninth hour straight that you've been burning stuff. You burned stuff all day yesterday. How much stuff have you got? I mean, I know we both have wooded backyards, but this is getting ridiculous. We're moving from "disposal of leaves" territory (and why? when the yard waste people will pick up as many bags as you like!) into "sinister cover-up" territory here.

I didn't hate you before, even though you opened my misdelivered letter from Lizzie on a Wednesday and didn't see fit to return it to me until Sunday afternoon. But you cannot flood a scent-oriented person's living area with smoke for two days straight and have her unaffected. Even if it's a pleasant woodsy smoke that makes my hair smell autumnal once I've driven away from it. Having the windows closed makes only enough difference to allow me to breathe and occasionally choke down food. You suck, neighbors to the south.

Nine hours for two days straight. What the hell is wrong with you people? No apple bread for you. And no Christmas cookies. Honestly.

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